• images/acres/ACRES_ANewFarmLanguage_Cover.jpg
    A New Farm Language by W. Joe Lewis - Book Cover and 218-pages Text Design
  • images/acres/ACRES_FarmingWithoutLosingYourHat_Cover.jpg
    Farming Without Losing Your Hat by Paul Dorrance - Book Cover and 226-pages Text Design
  • images/acres/ACRES_GrowersGuide_Cover.jpg
    A Growers Guide For Balancing Soils by William "Crop Doc" McKibben - Book Cover and 260-pages Text Design
  • images/acres/ACRES_GrowingLife_Cover.jpg
    Growing Life by André Leu - Book Cover and 242-pages Text Design
  • images/acres/ACRES_MyFarmerMyCustomer_Cover.jpg
    My Farmer, My Customer by Marty Travis - Book Cover and 178-pages Text Design
  • images/acres/ACRES_TerraPreta_Cover.jpg
    The Modern Grower's Guide To Terra Preta by Caroline Pfutzner - Book Cover and 184-pages Text Design
  • images/acres/ACRES_WaterForAnyFarm_Cover.jpg
    Water For Any Farm by Mark Shepard - Book Cover Design